The famous 41

Quantum Cloud2Postwar public art was all over the papers and TV today as 41 artworks have just been listed by Historic England. To coincide with that, the Introductions to Heritage Assets: Public Art 1945-95 has just been published, see IHA Public Art 1945-95 to download and enjoy some lovely pictures (and hopefully read my text!) The pics today are Antony Gormley’s Quantum Cloud, near the O2 in London; look at it from the right angle and you see the human shape in the middle.Quantum Cloud1

A big year for public art

wet boxing dayHappy New Year to all! Must be better than this wet Boxing Day evening in Newcastle upon Tyne. Lots to look forward to, starting with Historic England’s Out There postwar public art exhibition at London’s Somerset House, opening 3rd February 2016. With that in mind, I collected lots of my public art photos together and put them in an album, link online at There’s a lot of it about. No time to add captions – the industrial architecture book proofs have arrived – so really this is a public art quiz book, name the artworks! (It’s free to look at so no need to buy it…..)