CWS cigarette cards

This is one of a set of 28 cigarette cards issued by the CWS around 1914-16 on the theme of CWS buildings and works. The quality of the images is obviously not great, but the fact that they are in colour is really useful architecturally. The series didn’t have a proper title, and the individual cards weren’t numbered, but I gather a collectors’ handbook has given them numbers. I’ve seen 25 out of the 28 as follows: 1 Tralee, 2 Crumpsall, 3 Leicester, 4 Bristol, 5 Leeds, 6 Dudley, 8 Manchester HQ, 9 Luton, 10 Desborough, 12 Avonmouth, 13 Dunston (flour mill), 14 Silvertown (flour mill), 15 Manchester (Sun Mill), 16 Huthwaite, 18 Middleton, 20 Newcastle, 22 Longsight, 23 Dunston (soap works), 24 Irlam, 25 Silvertown (soap works), 26 London (tea), 27 Manchester (tobacco), 28 Bury. I also know that there are cards for Pelaw (see pic) and Keighley, but I don’t know their numbers. So if anyone knows what numbers 7, 11, 17, 19 and 21 are, it would be great to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “CWS cigarette cards

  1. Hi Lynn…Your missing card numbers for Co-op Buildings & Works are :-

    7). Butter Factory ( Location not yet known by me)
    11) Pelaw Drug & Drysaltery
    17) Keighly Iron Works
    19) London Branch
    21) Rochdale Paint Works
    Also, my records show #14 to be Manchester (Sun) Flour Mill & #15 to be Silvertown Flour Mills ie I think yours may be crossed round (unless mine are😱

    I hope you find this helpful

    Andy Reich

      1. Thanks to all concerned – I eventually solved the problem by finding a complete set (I was lucky). They are useful as they show these early buildings in colour.

      2. Lucky you; I’ve been after a complete set for years, albeit it in very good condition. Still 4 cards to go.

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