Miner at the Manx Museum

Manx Museum minerBack from the Isle of Man, and many thanks to the island’s Victorian Society for all their kindness and hospitality. This miner, in glass reinforced concrete, is one of several such impressive (and expressive) images by David Gilbert on the exterior of the 1986-7 wing of the Manx Museum. I made it to the top of Snaefell, but can’t wait to go back to the island for more splendid seafood and excellent beer!

One thought on “Miner at the Manx Museum

  1. Hi Lynn,

    We cycled around the IoM in August and were totally won over by it. We cycled the entire coastline (100 miles) in one day so only spent time in Douglas where our hotel was. Castletown looked to have an interesting mix of architecture. We plan to return and would appreciate any recommendations you may have.

    many thanks, Stephen

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