Questions but no answers….. it’s just not cricket!

This postcard dates from the very early 1900s (the back has a dividing line between message and address sections, which is the clue) but has not been used postally, or written on. There’s no manufacturer’s name either. The image is all we have to go on. The background doesn’t help much – appears more suburban than rural or city/town, but could also be a village pitch. Perhaps the hedges are not well enough looked after for it to be a country house. The pavilion is typically basic, of its time, timber framed on a brick base (thus the steps); the shutters probably made it reasonably secure. Facilities would have been minimal! Can’t decide whether it shows two teams or one, plus umpires/groundsmen etc. Some wearing dark trousers – umpires? The central pair, on the steps, are perhaps captain and maybe a local landowner. But who is the person behind them? Seems, from the spiffing hat and the way the jacket buttons, to be a woman – perhaps there to make the teas? The photo could possibly be the prelude to a gents versus workers type of match, on an estate, but really who knows…. Several of the lads look very like Fred Trueman!