A writer’s dogs

IMG_0098Every writer needs distraction (aside from beer, that is). So here are my two, Razzle the border terrier, now about 11 years old, and Petra the Jack Russell cross heaven-knows-what, age 7. Both are rescuepetra1 dogs; I think Petra must have had some Blue Peter connection…..

Postwar murals again


A lot of positive things have happened around the topic of postwar murals since I first began looking at them in the 1990s. Listings, conferences and books, all generate interest in an area that could do with even more research into the lesser-known artists of the time, especially those using ceramics and other non-paint materials. So this is just a reminder that my book, A Field Guide to Postwar Murals (Blue House Books, 2008) is still available through the blurb website, and best of all the ebook version (readable on ipads) is still under £2. There’s a 15-page preview on the blurb website.