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One of the outcomes from my research for Played in Tyne and Wear (English Heritage, 2010) was a greater focus on cricket architecture. My article ‘From the pavilion end: cricket’s architectural heritage’ was published in English Heritage’s Conservation Bulletin 68 (Summer 2012) on pp19-21; and ‘Britain’s Historic Cricket Pavilions’ was published in the July 2012 issue of Context, the Journal of the Institute of Historic Building Conservation.

sunderland (9)


I have an ongoing project to expand this research into a study of cricket pavilions, their architectural history and development in Britain and the Empire, from prefabricated sheds to massive grandstands. Indeed, cricket architecture generally will be the subject, from scoreboards and score boxes through turnstiles and sightscreens to weathervanes, stands and stadia.

ccground (46)At some point I hope to develop this into a book on cricket architecture; meanwhile, enjoy the view of the Jesmond Cricket Ground, home of Newcastle Cricket Club.


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