Concrete in Portugal

Santa CatarinaJust back from cycling in Portugal, coast-to-coast (and a bit inland) across the very bottom of the country. Too busy pedalling to photograph a great deal, but the Cooperativa Agricola at Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo (a bit north of Faro) was definitely worth a shot. A fine, if now apparently disused, piece of modernist industrial architecture. Back home we would doubtless know all about it, probably someone would have written a thesis on its architect, but I can find almost nothing about it on the web aside from 3 or 4 photos with no text. It makes one wonder about all the other agricultural co-op buildings in Portugal; the older ones certainly do appear in tourist and history books and websites. It was a similar story with what appears to be an art deco market building in Ayamonte (in Spain, across the river from the most easterly bit of Portugal). This is still in Ayamonte2commercial and office use, and painted in all sorts of attractive colours, but I’ve failed to find any reference whatsoever to it on the web, or even a photo. Likelihood is that I have been looking under the wrong name, but still a bit strange.

Le Tour coming up

yellow jersey leedsOff to Leeds and Huddersfield at the weekend for Le Tour; hope to see the peloton whizzing downhill into Huddersfield on day 2 afternoon. Excitement mounts, especially in Leeds where I was this week taking photos of assorted mills and warehouses for the industrial architecture book. Temple Works looking great now that the rubbish bin has been removed from out front, but parked cars as ever blocking a full height straight-on view. At least the sun shone, and spotted this yellow-jersey-wearing statue opposite the main railway station, along with what appears to be an inflatable bike (now that would be handy for taking on the train…..)